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Opening of Bucharest Microtopias and Inner and outer landscapes

On thursday the 3th of September the exhibition Bucharest Microtopias will open and the vernissage will be at ARCUB Gabroveni Inn. I will be exhibiting for the first time my series Deltas of Bucharest. The series is a result of a three week resedencie I did for ARCUB with four other scandinavian artists as part of Bucharests application for the European cultural capital of the year 2021. the participating artist are, Oddleif Apneseth (NO) , Milja Laurila (FI) , Maja Nydal Eriksen (DK) , Chris Maluzynski (SE) and Ingvar Högni Ragnarsson (IS). Curator: Maja Nydal Eriksen

I would like to thank especially Vlad Lazarescu for all his excellent help with the project and the people at ARCUB. Also I would like to thank the guys at Allkimik in Bucharest for excellent service in development and Stuart Richardson in Custom PhotoLab in Reykjavik.

For further info on the series se my website "Deltas of Bucharest"

From the series "Deltas of Bucharest"

Also on the 3th of September the exhibition "Inner and outer landscapes will open in "Center för fotografi" in Stockholm. This will be the last stop for this exhibition at the moment and I am looking forward to be in Stockholm for the show. I will not be attending the opening but will participate in WEEK37 for a talk with the artist in the show and Kirstine Schiess Højmose the curator about the exhibition and project as a whole. The same day i will participate in a panel discussion "Nordic naigbours does it matter" and for further info about WEEK 37 and the program please visit this webpage.

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