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Yellow House
Reykjavik Excursions
Wrapped House
End of the line

Iceland has gone through some drastic changes in the last decade, politically and economically. Iceland saw an economic boom that followed with a collapse of a banking system and the “Household revolution”. In the times of economic prosperity Reykjavik developed in to a city that was waiting for something to happen. The growth of the city correlated to the vast amounts of capital that was generated trough borrowed capital, the illusion of prosperity was transferred to changes in the urban landscape. What followed was a collapse of a nations internal structure and financial system. The crises that followed came with a earing sensation of anger and despair but at the same time a feeling of status quo, no one took responsibility. We were all waiting for something, no one was to blame and therefor no one takes responsibility. The state of things in Iceland is that nobody knows how it will turn out when it finally wakes up. While the city is waiting it is starting to slowly decade and lose its character and has expanded as never before. Where there ones was nature now stands half finished houses, empty and waiting as the nation it self.

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