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Crossing the borders of dialect


Sweden is among the richest country´s in the world and with the highest of living standards. Sweden is nation thatportrays and image that fights for peace, justice and equality.  What constructs the national image and what can it tell us. In a landscape of multiculturalism, global communication and trade the nation state and national identity has faced new questions about the structure of societies. Sweden has seen in past years the uprising of extreme right wing movements and the social conflicts over immigration and political refugees has escalated as well as in other nation states in the western world.

There seem to be an underlaing conflict of ideologies in the social welfare state of Sweden and the image of Sweden is changing.  This project which is an ongoing project that started in 2009.


This particular photography preview is about Stad Solidar a movement fighting to preserve Möllan a prosperous multicultural neighbourhood
in the heart of Malmö. The Stad Solidar have built a small village for the homeless and the less fortunate and are fighting with the multicultural inhabitants to prevent the building of an expensive apartment complex out of reach for the current inhabitants. Stad Solidar are fighting for the people to preserve the neigbourhood the inhabitants have built for the last 20 years. 


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