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Re-looking the Icelandic Landscape - Stara Galeria in Warsaw.

The exhibition Re-looking the Icelandic landscape in Stara Galeria in Warsaw will be open from 15th of may until 6th of june.

The exhibition is part of Warsaw art photography festival and Iceland was the guest of hounor. I had the chance to attend the opening and the festival and it was a great experience and I met many good people in the lovely city of Warsaw. The festival has many exhibitions all over Warsaw that are worth checking out. I recommend to go to the big group exhibition in Branicki Palace that is due to renovate and the space and exhibition is an interesting thing to check out. In the near future this building will change in to a hotel so its is an oportunity you should not let slip trough your fingers if you are in Warsaw. For further info on the festival and the exhibitions check out ther webstie.

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