Greece stands on the threshold of change after the economic chrash in 2008 left the country in a lot of trouble. Greece became a victim of economical plots to dump debt in the countries financial systems and on top of the difficulties Greece is facing it became the gateway for reefugees traveling to europe. Greece has opened up it´s arms and are truly trying to help but are we trying to help Greece or are we taking advantage of the situation.


This is an ongoing project.

Blurry on the google map
The camp behind the fence
On top
No nazis!
The Olympic stadiums
Alexia and Riyus
Elliniko Airport
Elliniko Airport 2
The Afghan footballers
The presidential gardens
The social hero
The parking
Open the borders

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No nazis!

In Pedeon Areos a garden next to Exarchia there were refugees living for a period of time but were kicked out by the government. The garden is full of drug dealers and addicts and they stay there with out any harassment from the officials. The garden was fixed for millions of euros a few years back but to day it is ruined again and is a shadow of it´s former self. The reason for this happening people told me is the mafia and the government conspiring together, it´s a classic story of genntrifica